Jennifer Bryant

Jennifer Bryant is a Certified Nutritionist Dietician and the Owner of Nourished Nutrition Counseling. The purpose of food is the topic of our conversation in this episode. Jennifer said, “We eat for every reason. We eat when we are happy. We eat when we are sad. We eat when we are lonely. We eat when we are bored. We eat when we are stressed. We eat all the time to deal with everything. If you ask God what He wants us to do when we feel any of these emotions, “The answer is not food.” Food does not ultimately fill that sense of whatever we are looking for. One of the things I teach is going to the right thing when we feel some of these emotions. Emotions are not a bad thing. God made us have emotions, but we want to take them; we want to identify what they are and learn how to cope with them in healthy ways. God wants us to do this with Him by our side. Not with that gallon of ice cream.”

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