Elizabeth Holguin, Cristina Parajon and Monika Dziamka

Dr. Elizabeth Holguin is Deputy Director of Homeless Solutions and Clinical Advisor for the City of Albuquerque’s Family and Community Service. Cristina Parajon is the Gateway Center Administrator, essentially serving as the project manager for Gateway at Gibson Health Hub. MONIKA DZIAMKA (Jam-Kah) is the Public Affairs Specialist for the City of Albuquerque Family and Community Services. Homelessness and its causes are a significant concern for all of New Mexico. The following topics are addressed in this interview:

  • The City’s multifaceted approach to homelessness
  • Plans for opening the New Gateway Center
  • What the data shows about people facing homelessness in Albuquerque
  • What are “trauma-informed services?”
  • The City Council’s consideration of government-sanctioned homeless tent encampments called “city living spaces and safe outdoor spaces.”

Cristina said, “when we say trauma-informed services and design, we are not asking what’s wrong with you (people facing homelessness); we’re asking what happened to you? What occurred that led to this point, and how can we design services around that question?”


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