Dr. Steven Collins, Larissa Lusko, and Dr. Gary Buyers

“Believe the Biblical text is authoritative and authentic. It is God’s Wordbelieve it is historically accurate. If you can believe that, you can take the text and let it give you a Biblical worldview,” said Archeologists Dr. Steven Collins. He joins Dr. Gary Byers with Larissa Lusko, Dean of the College of Women’s Studies & Christian Leadership for Trinity Southwest University, on the show today. Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Greek 1 & 11 classes begin Tuesday, September 8, 2020, at Trinity Southwest University.  All courses are online.  https://trinitysouthwest.com/colleges/college-of-biblical-languages/
  • Recent discoveries in archeology, geology, and other sciences confirm the historical truth of the Bible.
  • Archeological Artifacts illuminate the Bible.
  • Fundraising efforts are underway to support the excavation work underway at Tall el-Hammam, the ancient city of Sodom.
  • You are invited to DIG at Tall el-Hammam!


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