Dr. Steven Collins, Dr. Gary Byers, and Jim Williams

Archaeology supports the recorded history of the Bible. Steven Collins, PH.D., and Gary Byers, Ph.D., have spent a large portion of their lives uncovering the archeological evidence to prove it!  Dr. Collins is the Chief Archeologist with the Tall el-Hammam excavation project in the Jordan Valley. He is also Director of the Ph.D. program of Archeology and Biblical History with Veritas International University. Dr. Byers is the Assistant Director of the Tall el-Hammam excavation project and Shiloh, Israel. He also serves as the Dean of the College of Archaeology and Biblical History with Trinity Southwest University. Steven and Gary join Trinity Southwest University Director of Donor Relations and Media, Larissa Lusko, on the program today.

Tall el-Hammam is the site of the ancient city of Sodom. Genesis 13:10 Read about this discovery and others in Steven Collins’s new book, The Harvest Handbook of Bible Lands.  For more information about classes, degree programs, and FREE resources, click on the links.

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