Judy Shoemaker with Doug and Roda Abrams

Casa de Mariposa (Butterfly House), Founding Board Members Doug and Roda Abrams are joined on the show by Judy Shoemaker, Former House Mom and volunteer.

Casa de Mariposa focuses on meeting the needs of pregnant women in vulnerable, untenable situations who have decided to keep their unborn child and indicate a genuine desire to have a life-changing experience. All pregnant women can apply to Casa de Mariposa regardless of race, religion, or national origin. In addition, the ministry has now expanded its services to include assistance to women with a child under 1-year of age.  For assistance, call 505-358-5341 or reach out to Casa de Mariposa on the web http://www.casademariposa.org/.

See details about the 2021 House of Hope Friendraiser event on July 25th on the web.

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