Desiree Woodland and Jodie Hix

Desiree Woodland is the Founder of Breaking the Silence New Mexico. Volunteer Board Member Jodie Hix joins Desiree on this episode to talk about mental illness and suicide. Desiree started Breaking the Silence in New Mexico (501(c)3 not for profit) after her son Ryan took his own life as a teenager.   The agency promotes mental health literacy, advocacy, and well-being for teens, youth, and adults through education, personal stories, and the arts.  The core programs share the goal of ending the stigma, shame, silence, and secrecy surrounding mental illness and suicide. Breaking the Silence New Mexico’s Talking Mental Health curriculum works to normalize open discussion around mental health. More information is available at

Desiree is speaking at Hope Church at 9 & 11 Sunday, October  10, 2021.

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