Clarence Washington Sr.

Clarence Washington Sr. said that the tenants of “our founding documents are self-healing,” He is the author of a new four-book series called Hijacked: How Dr. King’s Dream Became a Nightmare.  In Volume-4: “The Recovery,” he says, “The weeds have almost taken control of the garden because the watchmen on the walls, the pastors and other spiritual leaders of our nation, have fallen into a spiritual stupor—knowingly or unknowingly supporting the hijackers. And so, in many cases, because of the lack of discernment by the church, the hijacking political-social-civil activists and liberal-thinking religious institutions are determining the thinking of the people who claim to be the blood-bought body of Christ. A good example of this is that the majority of Black Christians who attend traditional Black churches in America are confused about the spiritual content and substance of Dr. King’s dream. They are confused about what it means and how they should apply it to their daily Christian lives and their politics in particular.”

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