Cesar Loya

Cesar Loya, Calvary Albuquerque Pastor of Missions talks about the missionaries sent out from the church into all parts of the world.

Theses Missionaries include:

Bill and Renee Martin with Calvary Chapel of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

Carlos and Sylvia Garcia in Juarez, Mexico: Their ministry is called “The Ministries of Amigo Fiel (Faithful Friend). Their ministry includes a multipurpose facility (Case Amigo Fiel), an after school program, a playground, and a community storeroom for food and clothing distribution.  Casa Amigo Fiel is also home to a church. For more information about Garcia’s work in Juarez go to https://amigofiel.org/.

Kathy Scott in Tirana, Albania: Kathy is a physical therapist with the ABC Health Foundation in Tirana. The ABC Health Foundation mentors and disciples family practice interns and nurses; providing training opportunities for medical students throughout Albania and the Balkans. Kathy treats children in the special needs community specifically Down Syndrome children with other undiagnosed neurological disorders.  The Kathy Scott website is http://happeningsinalbania.blogspot.com/.

Beverly Rich The Bridge Calvary Chapel (Located in Jinja, Uganda): Beverly and Jesse Rich joined the ministry of Calvary Chapel Jinja in 2003. Their story is incredible as they served God together until Jesse went to heaven on December 18, 2014. Beverly has continued to love the people of Uganda teaching at the women’s ministries in the prisons, the villages, and The Bridge Calvary Chapel, she also trains and mentors the women on the Called Christians/The Bridge Calvary Chapel staff and helps lead them to maturity in the Word so they can become women of God. Called Christians has a new website https://calledchristians.org/.

Landoll & Angie Benally Calvary Chapel Tohlakai. At Calvary Chapel Tohlakai, Landoll teaches through the Bible in English and in Navajo. He has a heart for the elders of his community and looks forward to working with the youth. Angie leads the children’s ministry and enjoys working with and teaching the kids.


Lorraine & Celestino Lamar Faith, Hope & Love Kids Ranch The Philippines:  In 2004, the Faith, Hope & Love Kids Ranch Inc. was established by the Lamar family to give abandoned, abused, neglected, and orphaned children a second chance at life. The Kids Ranch is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible. http://fhlkidsranch.com/index.html.

Slavé & Lovorka Velesanov Croatia: Slavé and Lovorka serve in the town of Osijek. Slavé is currently working to establish a new church. Their first priority is to preach the gospel to all the people who live in Croatia. He works with families, teaching them how to create a business to provide for themselves. He also ministers to the homeless community and, two times a week, preaches on television programs that are broadcast on six television stations in Macedonia


Servy and Maria Pardo Czech Republic: Servy, Maria, and their three children, pursue the call of God to work in Eastern Europe to assist a Mongolian Church through evangelism efforts and relationship building; and creatively engage other people groups with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Their ministry is called B-Side Missions. Please pray for them without ceasing!http://www.bsidemissions.com/

Laurie J Middle East: Laurie lives in a growing coastal city on the eastern Arabian Peninsula. She is part of a House of Prayer in the city, focused on raising up worship and intercession for the area to help usher in God’s kingdom. She spends her time learning Arabic and visiting and sharing with locals, and she also does training in the region about prayer, church planting, and cross-cultural issues. http://www.calvaryabq.org/ministry.asp?MinistryID=319.

Doug & Lisa Keen Calvary Chapel Hastings: In 2006, they moved to Hastings, England, to plant Calvary Chapel Hastings. http://www.calvaryabq.org/ministry.asp?MinistryID=316.

If you would like more information about these missionaries and how you can support their work go to http://www.calvaryabq.org/ministry.asp?MinistryID=67.

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