Carol Wight

New Mexico Restaurant Association CEO. Carol Wight is fighting to keep restaurants in New Mexico open for business. According to Carol, the New Mexico Health Department orders restricting occupancy to 25% for dining in service are the country’s toughest.  On top of the restriction imposed because of COVID-19, the Albuquerque City Council is considering an ordinance that will require small businesses, including restaurants, to provide “paid sick leave” to their employees.  The proposed ordinance is called ” THE HEALTHY FAMILIES AND WORKPLACES ORDINANCE.”

This is what Carol has to say about the ordinance, “Now is not the time. If you want to talk about this, let’s talk about it sometime when we don’t have 100,000 people on unemployment. How do you bring those people back when you have just given away their shifts to allow for sick leave?”

TEXT Jobless to 52886 if you would like to help the NM Restaurant Association fight City Council Bill NO. O-20-39.

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