Carla Sonntag & Wayne Berry

New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) Founder and President Carla Sonntag is joined by NMBC Board Member  Wayne Berry (Jillian Homes Realty) to talk about the political and public policy changes needed to help businesses thrive. Carla said, “We need more business experience in our State (government). If they know how to run a business and have the responsibility of signing a paycheck, they’re a little more judicious about how they spend taxpayer dollars. We don’t have that going on right now, in my opinion. We’ve got people in charge that are professional government people. To them, money just comes from taxes. If they need more money, then they just tax the people more. That is not a good idea for economic development. It does not attract business, and it doesn’t promote the growth of business.”

Wayne said, “Some people are going to be against something just because someone else is for it. It’s that attitude and that partisan divide that takes us to the fringes in many, many areas.”

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