Carla Sonntag

Carla Sonntag is the Founder and Executive Director of the NM Business Coalition. This episode gives us a detailed accounting of the bills that passed and failed in the 55th New Mexico Legislative Session that ended on February 17, 2022. She said, “The reason I thought this session was so good is that I saw so many people get involved that I had never seen before. We started this initiative Better Together New Mexico; during this 30-day session, we had almost 300,000 actions taken. When you have over 300,000 emails coming at you on different issues, you better pay attention because this is an election year. People are lit up, and they are ready for leadership that will hear them and take action.

“Better Together New Mexico is a new way to get New Mexicans engaged, informed, and drive positive change for our state,” Carla said. More information is available at


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