Brian Alarid, Mercy Alarid, and John Sanchez

John Sanchez served as the 29th Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico from 2011 to 2019. He is a proud graduate of Hope Christian School in Albuquerque. As Lieutenant Governor, John met Brian Alarid, a man who promised him he would have churches throughout New Mexico praying for the leadership of our State 24 hours a day.  They became quick friends working on many important projects together benefiting poor individuals and families in New Mexico. Brian is the President of America Prays. Brian is offering our listeners a FREE ebook copy of his new book called “When People Pray.”

John grew up in poverty after his father abandoned his family when he was very young. When you hear John describe jumping into a dumpster as a child to grab some cardboard to make shoe soles for himself and seven siblings your heart will be touched. Thank you, John!

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