Travis Clark & Jahnika Guajardo

23-year-old Jahnika Guajardo opens up about living with drug addiction, pregnancy, and poverty since she was 15. Jahnika is a resident of the Steelbridge Transformation Center in Albuquerque. Ministry Director, Travis Clark, brought Jahnika to ABQ Connect for us to hear firsthand how God is using the Steelbridge Transformation to break the cycle of poverty and addiction in the lives of people who want help.  Travis said, “We try to exemplify love. Who cares what somebody did in the past? We want to help them with what they are doing today.”

Please pray for the Steelbridge Transformation Center Ministry. They are just starting a new fundraising project called “Keep the change, Change a life!”  Plans are now underway for a new “Detox Facility” to equip the ministry to expand its services, helping people break the addiction cycle. If you would like to know how your business or you as an individual can support Steelbridge, please click on the links or call 505.346.4673.

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