Bert and Anitra Perez

Anitra and Bert Perez

Bert and Anitra are the founders of Sacred Marriage Ministry. They offer pre-marital and marital counseling to Christian couples. As we all quarantine at home Bert and Anitra share some ideas about building our relationships.  These are topics we cover in today’s interview:

  1. How can married couples use this time together to strengthen their marriages?
  2. Anitra: How can husbands give their wives a break from being a mom while living in close quarters with the kids?
  3. Anitra: What do women need to hear from their husbands to be encouraged?
  4. Bert: What are the most important things a man can do spiritually to encourage his family?
  5. Bert: What do men need to hear from their wives?
  6. Anitra: What does dating look like for couples during this time?
  7. Bert: How can God use trials to make our faith stronger?
  8. What are the resources for our listeners available through “Sacred Marriage Ministry?”

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